The secret to this popular pairing of Smoked Tomatoes and Basil?  Fresh Tomatoes are house smoked in our Portland, Oregon kitchen with Hazelnut Shell Briquettess, imparting a uniquely Northwestern smokiness to their fresh, plump, tomato flesh… blended with fresh basil, and kettle-cooked, organic beans, (never canned beans).

Loved by children near and far. We think because the flavor of this complex, vegan hummus harkens back to the school lunchroom hotdog flavor! Best friend to baby carrots and nice crackers, and very lunchbox appropriate. Try our convenient single serves!

Made with organic, kettle-cooked chickpeas. Why use canned or pre-packaged ingredients?

The freshest, closest thing to home made hummus.

Clean, simple, naturally gluten free, and vegan.

See nutritional and ingredient information here.

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